Beth offers Groups, Retreats and Workshop Events that provide people a safe space to explore the many aspects of Beth’s work in a group setting.

Beth creates both Women’s Groups and Co-ed groups that invites a deeper exploration of the inner world, meaningful aspirations, connective relationships, and a sense of Spirit.

A journey through sacred space with others can enhance the experience of clarity, awareness, and understanding of oneself and others.

These groups will offer time for honest communication, authentic process, in depth exploration, creative expression, and supportive connection.

Experiences through sacred ritual, writing, movement, visual art, prayer, meditation, sharing, and stillness unfold during these sessions.

These groups are based on a longing for stronger connections to Spirit, to the Heart, to the Higher Self, and to others with like minded interests and intentions.

These workshops build sacred community and help people feel less alone in their search for meaning.  Much growth and transformation can arise when one’s inner most being is being shared in a supportive, Spiritual and therapeutic setting.

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Please contact Beth directly by phone or email if you have an interest in being a part of one of these group settings in the future.